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It was a winter day in early 1992. I was driving my Buick Regal to a meeting across town. I was taking a two lane road that cut through a valley, which entailed going down a hill. Unfortunately, it had just begun to snow–the wet, slippery kind of snow. Salt trucks had not made it out yet, as they were quite good about getting the hill salted quickly in these kinds of circumstances.

When I got to the hill, I found myself in a line of traffic. Immediately I felt my car slip a bit, so I began to pump the brake. This is the recommended procedure. But it didn’t help. My car continued to slip and slide as I descended the hill. And then I realized my steering was not working. I found myself in the opposite lane heading for a collision with a pick-up truck. I was unable to do a thing. I was pumping the brakes like mad, to no result. Steering still was not working. I found myself suddenly back in my own lane (miracle!) and that is when I decided just to let it all go. I had this moment where I just gave it up to the Angels. If I plow into the guard rail, so be it.

Then I found myself at the bottom of the hill. My steering was reinstated. I had not crashed. I pulled over into the feed store parking lot, shaking profusely. I called Jim on my car phone (yes, I had one of those!) and related what happened. Neither of us could figure out how my steering had disengaged.  I felt the Angels had protected me.

About a year later, we visited a car show. My lease was going to be up, and I was shopping for a new brand. The big selling point for the cars was a thing called “anti-lock brakes.”  We spoke with a saleswoman at the Infinity dealership, and asked, “What’s the big deal with anti-lock brakes.” She explained that in unstable conditions, the brakes will lock up causing the steering to go out. Bingo!  That is exactly what had happened to me on that hill. The brakes and the steering were useless to me. When I stopped trying to steer and pump the brakes, my car was able to make use of those mechanics once again.

So, perhaps the entire event had nothing to do with angels, and more to do with technology. Still, I recall that moment of just giving it over, knowing anything could happen, and not having any attachment to the outcome as one of the most important moments of my life. I opened the door to a miracle. And I received.


(130) Listen, The Silences

Today I am starting a series within my series.  Lately, I have noticed certain song lyrics jumping out at me.  Some of these lyrics I have known for a very long time — sometimes decades — and I suddenly hear them in a different way.  I have decided to do what I ask my students to do, and that is to connect that particular lyric to a moment, a photo, a painting, another song or poem.  Something.

It begins today, so this is Lyric Series #1.  Whenever I do a series, the title of song the lyric is from will be the title of the blog post.  My inner-directive on this is to keep it simple.

Today I was driving to Lakes Park for a walk, and heard a song from an album I have called Songs Inspired by Literature, Chapter Two.  The song is by michelle [bloom] and is inspired by the writings of Thomas Merton. The lyrics that stood out:

I don’t want to talk,

I just want to listen.

I went to the fragrance garden walk and was greeted with butterflies, hot sun, cool breeze, and lots and lots of colorful flowers. I took tons of photos, and have connected those photos in a series with a quote from Merton.

Enjoy the silence.

is not
a matter
of intensity
of balance,
and harmony.