(337) Teeter-Totter

“I live like I know what I’m doing.” — Naomi Shihab Nye

This is an opening line of a poem. It felt like me right now.

I’m on a teeter-totter. Some days I really feel like I know what I’m doing.  Other days I find myself thinking I am so far off base, I don’t even know if I’m on the field any more.

Random thought over the weekend:

I want to stop saying stupid stuff to my students.

Yes, I thought that. It came out of no where.  It hit me in the head.

Yesterday I felt that once again they had pushed me to the edge and I said stupid, repetitive stuff.

How do I stop?  I have no idea.

And the worst part — they say the same repetitive, stupid stuff back.

If anyone is going to break this pattern, it will have to be me.

I’m still on the teeter-totter. I guess the first thing to do is to safely get off.



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