(336)Washing Dishes

Thich Nhat Hanh is one of my teachers. I still remember reading Being Peace back in 1992. It was one life-changing book I have revisited many times.


I had another super busy day. Things are far from perfect. I haven’t gotten to my guitar once this week. I’m barely keeping up with what I need to do at school.

Yet, there are worse things. Much worse. Like San Bernadino. (I am so weary of the term “mass shooting.) People I know dealing with sick relatives or grief of losing someone. A near suicide in a friend’s family.

I had all of this in mind as I pondered what to write about in this tiny segment of time I have before dinner is ready. And then these words came across my feed, reminding me that none of these things I just reported are outside of me. I have to keep looking to see myself in them. I will not “get it” all of the time. My job is just to try when I think of it, so that in ordinary moments I will remember. All is one. Nothing is separate from me.

Thay’s quote:

“Continue until you see yourself in the cruelest person on Earth, in the child starving, in the political prisoner. Practice until you recognize yourself in everyone in the supermarket, on the street corner, in a concentration camp, on a leaf, in a dewdrop. Meditate until you see yourself in a speck of dust in a distant galaxy. See and listen with the whole of your being. If you are fully present, the rain of the Dharma will water the deepest seeds in your store consciousness, and tomorrow, while you are washing the dishes or looking at the blue sky, that seed will spring forth, and love and understanding will appear as a beautiful flower.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, ‘Teachings on Love’


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