(335) Step Lightly

Today I am inspired by what happened in my classroom yesterday and a poem that was on The Year of Being Here website called “Stepping Lightly” by Marilyn Peretti. The video below was suggested by a student in my first period block.

Nove 27 butterfly

Please step lightly

Your heavy foot has stomped

my tender green fragility.

It may be that

I am too heavy

I am too thin

that my feet are too big

that my forehead is too large

It may be a fact that

I am Haitian

I wear jeans every day

I fear speaking up for myself

How does that make me a lesser human being?

Step lightly, please

The name you just called me

(The one I can’t tell the teacher or she may write me up for profanity)

is beyond painful and mean.

How can you say “it’s just a joke”?

Why did you think that was okay?

Why did you think it was necessary?


Are you hurting…too?


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