(327) Cryptic Messages in Black Vinyl

It was the summer of 1975. I was lost in the country rock music of Pure Prairie League, The Outlaws, and the newly released One of These Nights by the Eagles. I had lost my brother in the spring, I had a boyfriend that was constantly teetering on breaking up with me, and I was unable to find a job since getting a certificate from a computer school. Things were just weird. On top of that, Jaws came out that summer making me afraid to go in the water even though I knew logically that there were no sharks in Ohio’s swimming holes or pools.

One hot August summer afternoon I was lazing around my room, listening to my music. I picked up the Eagles album from the record player to flip it over and I noticed something. It was a message scratched into the disc between the label and the grooves.  It said:

Don’t worry—


I flipped it over and there I saw the rest of the message…

Nothing will be OK!


Instead of seeing this as a message of despair, I saw it as the opposite. I laughed. It was like they were telling me to just get over the drama and get on with life. Which I did. Shortly after that I secured a job at Arby’s. It wasn’t what I went to school for, but it was something. It gave me money in my pocket and a purpose to get up each day.

Today, revisiting this album to take pictures for the blog, I found this song “I Wish You Peace” which ends the album. Damn, it is beautiful. And I know we all need it right now.

When storms are high

and dreams are low

I wish you the strength

to let love grow…


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