(321) This Week in Micro Memoir

At the Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference, I heard presenter Beth Ann Fennelly mention “micro memoir.” She explained that it was a memory in a paragraph. She is currently writing a book of them.

I have noticed that since her explanation little “moments” are popping up in my mind– things that in the past I might think I have to write a lot about. But now I know I don’t.  A paragraph will do.

Here is my first attempt:

August 30, 1997

We don’t always recall when a switch occurred in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even think about it unt73565446_73563082-150x150il we get a flash of memory. This week I made a surprising connection between a global event and my memory. It was the night Princess Diana got in the fatal car accident. I had only been active on America Online for about six months, and had joined some message boards for things like Music, Poetry Writing, and The Artist’s Way. On that Saturday night, I was checking the message board when someone posted about the accident. I am not sure if it was later that night or the next day I heard Diana had died. This was the first time I received notice of a major event by reading it on the computer, written by an everyday person– not hearing it on television or the newspaper, from an “official” source. Since then, of course, there have been many, many more. But that was the start. The night Diana died.


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