(317) Musings from a Blogger

Off and on I think about life after this blog. What will it be like to wake up in the morning and know I do not HAVE to write?  For the last 317 days, I have not had that luxury. I look around and see all the reading I want to do and all the music I want to play and I think…The day is coming. 

Of course, that is not really true. I know when the day comes–January 1st–I will be happy, yet secretly worried that I won’t write, or I will put off writing, or I will fail to make the discoveries that has made this writing project so fruitful to me personally.

I think about the body of work I have created. Sometimes I look back and I’m simply amazed at things I have written and have forgotten all about.

Which brings me to my next point. I love the photos and videos I can attach on the tech format, but I feel somewhat removed at the same time. It takes time and effort to find things I wrote because of the format I chose for the blog. Now I am thinking how much I want my writing scrawled first and then printed and in my hands. I like it better that way.

Which leads to my next point: I had moved my students toward digital writing rather than using their notebooks, and I’m feeling the same “removed” feeling in the classroom. I have decided we need to get back to the tactile–hand writing.

It has been an interesting journey as a writer and a teacher to be involved in this tech format. It is has a place, no doubt. But I am heading back to the wild woods of the hand written word for myself and my students. I need to recover the piece that is missing.


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