(316) Top Ten Important Lessons for Writers from Edwidge Danticat

One of the themes at the Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference was that it was the 10th Anniversary, so a booklet of Top Ten Lists was put together. I purchased the book (for $10, of course), and it has inspired me to bring this project to my students.  We will be making class books of Top Tens.

In delivering her keynote last Saturday night, Danticat gave us her Top 10 Most Important Lessons About Being a Writer.

  1. Your story matters.
  2. Only you can tell that story.
  3. Don’t wait for the muse.
  4. Have some discipline  — it is the center of all creative endeavors.
  5. The best time is now.
  6. You can start small, but dream big.
  7. Don’t give up.
  8. Seek fellowship wherever you can get it.
  9. Keep growing.
  10. The rule you teach yourself — this is the most important rule of all because no one can teach you. You have to teach yourself.

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