(314) Gold

Over the weekend I learned that my brother lost his job. He is 54-years-old. I feel for him. It has made me sad to know this.

I created my Lyric Series to connect lyrics of songs to events. Today Ashley Monroe’s “Mayflowers” spoke to me. I soon realized an image in the song made me think of Martin. When he was young his hair was clearly blonde. As he grew, it turned darker. Yet, I still think of him as golden-headed.

Richie and Martin celebrating Martin’s twelfth birthday. One of my favorite pictures of all time.

I haven’t seen my brother since 2012, and am not sure when I will see him again. The image conveyed in this one part of the song makes me think of him:

What I wouldn’t give to see you

with the gold back in your hair.

If I could look out the kitchen window

in the garden

And see you standing there.


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