(312) It’s Over…Until Next Year

These last few days have been the most revealing, most rejuvenating, most enlightening, and most grounding days I can recall. I feel as if I’m on a high right now. Four days with great writers. It felt like a home I have been seeking for over 60 years.

Today was just one workshop, and it was a good one: a super informative and fun time with Beth Ann Fennelly learning how to put humor in our writing. These techniques have been added to a long list of what I learned at this conference. I have so much to practice, so much to review, and many new ideas of directions to go in, both in writing and teaching.

I am grateful my friend Amy accompanied me on this journey. Her gentle spirit and insights are always appreciated. She has introduced me to Lin-Manuel Miranda, whom I will be following. He is the creator of the Broadway shows In the Heights and Hamilton, and has so much to offer in the way of culture and creativity.

Having some time to clear my head and get away from my every day life has also helped me see new directions with my students. I hope tomorrow can be a fresh start to the rest of the school year.

I have felt for a while that I want to get into songwriting. Last night at 3:30 a.m. I had the littlest bit of a melody with some weird words going through my head. I remembered Dan Bern’s advice, and got up and wrote down what I could. It could be the very beginning of a new phase of writing and musicianship. We’ll see.

That is the best part about all of this.  All the possibilities have been opened up:

  1. New ways to approach fiction writing
  2. New ways to think about words and their origins and weight
  3. New ways to think about images and what to do with them
  4. New ways to approach flash memoir (which I also heard called micro memoir)
  5. All kinds of ideas on how to approach songwriting
  6. Direct ways to add humor to my writing

I am filled to the brim, and can see that until the next conference I have plenty of application to do. I am grateful for this experience. I am grateful for the people I met and the work they have done. The feeling I have right now is one I wish to hold on to for a very long time.


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