(311) “Words have wings, words have feet”

The title today is a Haitian proverb shared during the keynote address tonight by writer Edwidge Danticat. It was the cap on another truly terrific day at the Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference.

Today was lighter and did not carry the emotional transformation that happened yesterday, not just to me, but which I witnessed in other participants. Today was about singing and playfulness and love of literature. I began taking pictures early today for a photo journal.

On the way to Sanibel library…piercing the veil
The walkway to writing
Proudly sporting my SIWC t-shirt, standing on the bridge to the Sanibel Library and the fun morning of singing and songwriting with Dan Bern
Dan Bern
Our guide for morning workshop, Dan Bern. We sang our names, our favorite books, lists of places we’ve gone, and created jingles for books we will write someday that will be turned into television shows. My partner Heath and I did a parody of “Get a Job” called “Gotta Write”
Amy bubble
me bubble
bubble rm1
It’s always Christmas at the Bubble Room
bubble rm2
We had lunch and relaxed with coffee and dessert

In the afternoon we attended a couple of panel discussions. One was Christina Baker Kline discussing the research she did for her best selling novel Orphan Train.  I’m sorry I forgot to get her picture.

demarchi2 DeMarchi1

Tom DeMarchi does an amazing job each year with the Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference. This was the 10th year, and he was awarded a plaque by the Dean.

Finally, the beautiful keynote address by Edwidge Danticat. What a treat to be in the presence of this lovely and graceful person, who writes in ways I can never even begin to imagine coming out of my pen. I will be sharing some of her wise words later this week. All in all, one fantastic Saturday.



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