(309) First Day, First Haibun

First day at the Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference went great. I am attempting my first Haibun style post.  Let’s see how this goes…

amy walking look up

First day. Hot on the island. Met new people right away. Learned about third person editorial omniscient point of view from Gina Fragello. It isn’t just about playing God. I think I got it; something to practice. To Fish House for lunch and conversation. Then a workshop with Kimberly Johnson on words and dictionaries and how to fall in love with both. Mind-blown. So much I don’t know about words. So much more I could know. And my students — how do I reach them and teach them? Their vocabulary well is dry. It caused me to understand my own exhaustion from what I face each day with language. The real issue–lack of words. Misuse and misunderstandings about words. Kimberly said, “Words are the interface between the particulars of life and the general world.” How will my students negotiate this world without words — the ultimate locator? I walked the path from Sanibel Library to Big Arts, meeting Amy under the Laurel tree, dripping with Spanish moss. A space in the day…I worked out my anxiety. I relaxed and knew nothing was going to get solved on this sunny November afternoon, the tropical breeze blowing as cocktail hour began. The gift here is poignant — it helps me see more of me. It sadly, too, can make me feel less — if I let it. I must stay grounded in reality.

Bullseye on the tree

It may never be in my reach

A moving target



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