(308) Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back

Earlier this week I posted about wolves. Today, a video came across my Newsfeed.  It is a trailer for a movie being released on November 10 that will be available online. The trailer itself was giving me problems in posting, so instead I found this little longer video based on the same documentary. Since it appears there are many wolf lovers out there, I thought I’d pass this along:

Looking Forward

I recently came across an Orion magazine article that uses the Japanese poetic art of Haiban. According to the article by Elizabeth Bradfield:

Haibun, a classic Japanese form, recounts everyday life or travels in terse, diary-like prose scattered with small poems, often haiku. The best examples are found in the writings of Bashō, the seventeenth-century master of the form. Bashō’s work is infused with allusions to poets, stories, figures, and cultural tropes that his contemporaries would recognize—here, footnotes serve the modern reader as an approximation of that experience. While Bashō’s journeys are accompanied by calligraphic paintings, here, photographs become a visual third in the triad of representation.

Here is a link to the three poems she wrote about Antarctica.

The next four days will find me at at the Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference. What better time to try out a new art form!  I think it is going to lend itself well to writing as I go.  There are plenty of little breaks in the conference which will allow significant writing time to experiment and relay my experience. I am excited about Haiban and the conference, and I look forward to integrating them together.


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