(306) For the Love of Wolves

I love wolves.  Wolves 2

According to Native American Legend, wolf is our teacher. I feel I carry Wolf Medicine with me.  Wolves are also considered a model of brotherhood and family life.  It is unfortunate they have gotten a bad rap over the years.

So I was delighted today to see this video, filmed in a wolf sanctuary

Singing in the Wolf Sanctuary

While listening to the song, I noted that some of the words to this song “American Hearts” were interesting. So I looked up the lyrics.  Not only do I love the wolf interaction here, but I love the words to this song, totally new to me, written by A.A. Bondy:


And the mothers will cry,
Fathers stay up all night
With the worry that goes to the bones
And if your God makes war
Then he’s no God I know
‘Cause Christ would not send boys to die

Don’t you get low as hell
When the peace dove is felled
By men with the blackest of minds
And above the din
Let the sighin’ begin
As we’re bound for the longest of days

So don’t tread on me
For I am your brother
I was born with an American heart
And don’t tread on her
For she is your sister
She was born with an American heart

We can learn a lot from the wolves about taking care of each other. I think this was the perfect song to perform with them.

Have a wonderful week. I plan on it!


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