(305) Happy Surprise

Yesterday when I got in my car and put on my sunglasses, they broke right in half. The heat had made the plastic brittle, and they had simply cracked. On the way home from my music lesson, I stopped at Walgreens for a new pair. I found some I liked, and was surprised to find out they were only $5, not the $19.99 I had seen on the tag.

At home I cut off the tag and cleaned the glasses up,  I discovered some kind of sticker or something on the lenses that wouldn’t peel off.  Since I don’t have vision for things up close ever since my cataract surgery, I had not noticed this in the store


Oh happy surprise!  These were READER sunglasses. This means when I’m driving and I need to see something up close, I can actually see it. For the past two years, I have had to switch between sunglasses and reader glasses to make that happen.  How did I not know these existed?

Today I am going to return to Walgreens and get more of these at the wicked price of $5. I don’t plan on ever being without these again!


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