(300) Perfect Day (?)

Number 300.

For 300 days in a row I have sat down to write on this blog.  Rather mind-boggling for me.

Woke up tired again today. I took yesterday to try to recoup some energy, but I’m not sure I did. I still have a list a mile long of things that need to be done. Not enough hours in the day.

It occurs to me that even with the mighty “list,” I am making time for my writing. This is the gift of the blog.

Facebook memories sent me an idea for the blog today. Two years ago at this time, the musician Lou Reed died. My favorite song of his is “Perfect Day,” and so I thought I’d share my favorite video that goes with it.  However, that video is no longer available.

But I found another one — a cartoon someone made for the song — that is really about things not being perfect. This resonates with me today. When things don’t feel perfect, it is our attitude that matters. I can feel things are perfect when I am in the present moment. Things are imperfect when I rely on others too much or when I ruminate on all the stuff that isn’t getting done for whatever reason. Sometimes it feels like too many things take too much concentration, and I just don’t have that much focus!

So here is “Perfect Day” with a question mark — because when it comes to the Five Questions, certainly many of them have to do with this subject — how to feel alive, how to be human, how to appreciate beauty, how to love what is next, and how to be creative — all in this imperfect world.


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