(283) Up-and-Down-ness

Yeah. I made up the title. It is how I have felt all week.

Today is no exception. I have been overwhelmed with trying to figure out my classes this year. Every time I think I have it figured out, it all blows up. Can’t help but wonder if I’m reaching anyone.

My mind has been a whir, and now I just need it to calm down. I have been resisting the blog today. I’ve planned and planned and now I just want to forget it and spend the afternoon reading and napping and practicing music. I wanted to forget this blog.

But then two memes came my way on Facebook.

image image

So, I’m not ready to write, but that plays right into the Five Questions somewhere, I think. I am rarely ready to write. When I am, it feels like a precious gift. I’m never ready for anything–not truly. And hey, that may mean my lesson plans, too. Every year is different. It is taking a long time to really settle in to what I am doing at school. I just need to move forward. Fighting and crying, getting frustrated, feeling overwhelmed and resistant won’t change a thing. I have felt all of it this week–even today. But it won’t change Monday morning when the kids walk in and we start all over again.

I will be as ready as I can be. Meanwhile, my guitar, my book club book, and my comfy chair are calling me. For them, I feel ready.


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