(282) Friday of the Flying Moon


Woke at 5:30 a.m.

went for coffee, and the moon called me

out to the lanai for prayer

the waning crescent moon

resting on its back in the sky, like a rocking cradle

reflecting brightly in the water


Venus above it — the brilliant morning star, a companion.


I thought of early this week when

I read that trees at the edge

of the woods send humans oxygen

I have lived on the lake

since I moved to Florida and I

wondered: water must do something

similar. What does a body of

water send us? Surely something

because once hooked, there is no

going back.


Prayers were done

My musings as well

I watched the light of a plane

blipping as it gracefully toured

behind the moon, coming out into

a bevy of clouds on the other side.

I looked in the moon’s lake reflection

The image now reversed, a

boomerang, bright white; the gentle

ripples of the water causing it to

moved like a bird in flight. I watched

for a minute, this flying white moon

bird, and then my coffee called.

5:57 a.m.


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