(277) Calling the Muse, 2006

I am a bit delighted at having found this old notebook. There are writings from 2005, 2006, and 2011; a real strong collection of writing exercises. I will continue to share here, as I am finding many of these still carry a great deal of meaning.

In a section from July 13, 2006, I am working through some exercises by Deena Metzger from her book Writing for Your Life. In this one the prompt is

Imagine your muse, female or male. Invoke the muse. Call the muse to you. (p. 188)

Here is what I wrote:

I found her lying on the ground, nearly face down, in decaying leaves at the edge of a forest or a field. Off in the distance fires were burning.

She looked up. She wore a light-colored dress, thin material, pretty, feminine detailing. Her hair was long and curly, a gorgeous auburn. She is young. As she lifts her head from the ground, I find she’s covered with dirt. I wonder — how could you end up here, in the dirt, my beautiful muse?

I call Wake up. I’m here. Cannot believe she’s glad to see me after the way I treated her.

Wake up, my beautiful muse.

I take her hand and gently wash her face with a warm pink washcloth. The blessing of this action overwhelms me. I want to promise I’ll never do that again — leave her in the dust, at the edge of the forest. But I feel I cannot and do not dare make a promise I cannot keep.

She smiles. She knows and golly, she doesn’t mind. She knows what she has to offer. She can’t force me to take it.


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