(272) On a Ripple and Roll

Some kind of switch flipped yesterday afternoon, and I regained my balance. I suddenly feel back to being myself, going back in the direction I started, with a newfound clarity.


This morning I committed myself to playing guitar before work and I skipped writing this blog. I stayed a bit late at work again, getting lesson plans done for the next two weeks (YAY me!), and then I had to confront the fact that I didn’t have a plan for writing.

Then American Songwriter came to my rescue.


The focus of today’s article was the words and music of the song “Ripple” by the Grateful Dead — the recorded version. It is my favorite Dead song, and their analysis indicates why.  The entire song is “East meets West” — one part of it is even a haiku. This just delights the heck out of me.

I’m putting this post under the question about not settling for fixed answers and instead, seek aliveness. That is what this song does for me — makes me feel alive. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised: I’m and East meets West kinda girl.

I know I should probably wax poetic here on how we are all potential stones sending out ripples, but you’ve heard it all before.  Sit back and enjoy the song. Meanwhile, I’m going to get out my guitar and play along.


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