(269) Jim’s Birthday Card

It’s my husband Jim’s birthday. I decided the best gift for him today, besides a yummy Mexican dinner at Cantina Laredo, is a little “through the years” tribute to my man. I’m not trying to hit every dimension of our lives –that is too long for a blog. Here is just a sampling.

Jim’s birthday makes me think about our romantic dreams when we were young. We talked of growing old together and now, well, we are. One thing about aging that is certain: as we get closer to the end, we treasure every moment even more.

Just as I was preparing to insert the photos here, a song from Don Henley’s new album came up with these lyrics.  So fitting:

A long long time ago when we were young and pretty
We ruled the world, we stopped the time
we knew it all, we owned this city
running with the crowd, carefree and proud I heard
Somebody say
Take a picture of this, take a picture of this.

With great love and devotion, this photo journey is for Jim:

August 2015
Jim with long time friend Russ Fernlund, 2012
With Ricky and Michael 2011
Jim’s birthday 2001 featuring some of our elders — Gin, Skip, and Aunt Joanne. May they all rest in peace.
Celebrating Jim’s birthday at the cabin in 1994. Aunt Joanne put a candle into the dessert she always had for him — a chocolate eclair.
Jim enjoying his 50th birthday party in 1992
Jim and his boys: Dan, Scott, and Wayne 1989
Jim and I, September 1982
Jim, 1963
Jim, 1944

And finally, I dedicate this song.


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