(266) One Hundred More to Go

I’m dried up on ideas for writing today. Then I remembered that I am committed to just one hundred more posts on this blog this year, and my year is up.

I’m happy, but it feels weird.


I came to the idea of the Five Questions last New Years Eve during the day. I thought of making a daily commitment, and took myself to the beach to think clearly about it. The day was stunningly beautiful and the tide was way out, so I had a chance to walk in areas of Bunche Beach I don’t usually get to see. I felt an opening by being in nature, by trees and inlets I don’t usually experience, and I said yes to this adventure.

Bunche 1

Right now I am in the midst of a busy week, but the writing continues. And that is what I have liked about this.  It has forced me to get to the page every day. The Five Questions have gently prodded me to see beauty, to think about how to be alive, how to be human, and to recognize areas of change and growth. I will do this without the commitment of the Five Questions blog, but not in a public way.

I have ideas of where I’d like my writing to go from here. But for now, I’m satisfied I have made it this far and that so many have traveled with me.



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