(265) Tribute: Don Henley

I was a big Eagles fan.

“Witchy Woman” is one of the songs I clearly remember from fall of my senior year. I went on to collect their albums and see them in concert. Desperado is one classic album. It was a song of theirs that introduced me to Gram Parsons. I loved seeing them on television with Linda Ronstadt.

Eagles forever! This grouping that is.
Eagles forever! This grouping that is.

I started to lose interest when the band went to a more rock orientation with the addition of Joe Walsh. There were no more songs like “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night” and “My Man” after Bernie Leadon left the group.

But I never doubted the country leanings of Don Henley.

In the 1980’s he put out some albums of his own. They featured many great songs that skewered the culture we were living in.

And he also included a unique version of the gospel classic “Uncloudy Day.”

Add to this Don’s love and commitment to the environment through his founding of The Walden Woods Project to preserve the environment and literature surrounding Henry David Thoreau — this man has my heart.

So when I heard he had a country album on the way, I never doubted it would be great. This video of “When I Stop Dreaming” — a duet with Dolly Parton — was released and, wow. Better than I ever could have anticipated. I love that he chose Dolly and not one of the young ones in Nashville. Don cares about music history.

Five songs for the new album Cass County have been dropped. I cannot wait to hear the entire album.

Meanwhile, enjoy…


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