(263) Modern Stillness

Lakes1I took this picture and my mind titled it “Modern Stillness.”

I went to Lakes Park today with the intention of moving through nature and finding joy and stillness.

I stopped to take this picture because the ladies behind me were yakking up a storm, and I wanted them to pass me so I could have some quiet.

The water is high in the park today. There were bikers and joggers, but not too many. No kids on the playground. A few birds here and there.

I walked in peace. Stillness. Joy.

An elderly couple did not talk loudly. They stopped to watch a squirrel eating its breakfast.

Lakes2Joy in the modern moment.

I walked on. Felt the waning of summer, the onset of fall.

Knowing the days will just get better and better.

A life in the modern era.

My life.

And nature full of reminders to find joy in stillness.

Lakes 3


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