(260) You Carried Me


Here we are.

It’s your 8th birthday

My high school graduation day

June 3, 1973.

Not sure who took the picture

Or why I chose not to smile.

Your hair just growing back after a bout of chemotherapy.

I did not know how sick you were.

On another day

many months later,

I would find you alone on these stairs,


unable to climb to the top on your own,

and I carried you,

carried you to your bed,

held you in my arms.

You were so grateful,

as I kissed you good night.

So long ago.

And I have found

as time goes on,

your innocent and unselfish love

has never diminished.

And even more surprising

it has magnified within my heart

at times I’ve needed it most

to carry me.


One thought on “(260) You Carried Me

  1. I am in tears. So powerful how one moment or one loss can redefine us. This may be why your comforting hugs last long ; they transfer strength.


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