(259) Wayback Wednesday

One of the joys of fall in Florida — the blooming of the floss tree.

I stepped out on the lanai this morning and felt it — that slightly cool breeze that is signaling change of season here in Southwest Florida. It is so subtle most people miss it. It cannot be felt during the day yet. Only those of us up in the dark of the early morning hours feel it.

That got me thinking about change of season songs. I am feeling pretty happy right now — this school year has started off quite well and my energy level is decent. I thought about the song “Change of Season” by Hall and Oates, but when I looked at the words, it was kind of a depressing song. And then I thought of “Sweet Seasons” by Carole King, but that one is just too saccharine for my tastes.

Then I realized it was Wednesday and I thought, hmmm, maybe I can do a Wayback Wednesday and find a very old song. And I did.  “Time of the Season” by the Zombies.  It is known for having the line “Who’s your daddy?” before it was a thing.

As summer drifts away, before the stresses of the day do you in, take a listen to a little psychedelic era music.


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