(258) The Gift of Joy

Today, A Year of Being Here website had this poem by Albert Huffstickler:

There is always that edge of doubt.
Trust it, that’s where the new things come from.
If you can’t live with it, get out,
Because when it’s gone, you’re on Automatic,
Repeating something you’ve learned.
Let your prayer be:
Save me from that tempting certainty that
Leads me back from the Edge,
That dark edge where the first light breaks.

Here is my version. A little more abstract than I like, but this is just my first shot at it:

There is always the gift of joy.

Embrace it, that’s where jubilation is found.

If you can’t find it, seek calmness,

Because when you quiet yourself , Pure Harmony

With everything that surrounds you.

Let your prayer be:

Save me from the tempting negativity that

Leads me away from Joy;

Breathe deeply into the place of spontaneous newness.


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