(256) Invitation to Write from the Zac Brown Band


Today I met my writing circle in downtown Fort Myers for a little writing marathon. One of the “invitations to write” we used was the one above. It is from a song by the Zac Brown Band. Here is what I wrote:

I, of course, love the “guitar in hand” part, although I know there are many other ways I’d be fine being found — like with a pen and notebook. That would be cool.

I’m thinking of his use of the word “compromised,” and how the word can be positive or negative. He seems to mean it in a negative way. It made me think of when I was teaching high school, I was actually compromising away my writing life. I kind of knew it at the time, but it was off-set by my love of the school and the courses I taught. When I was no longer happy there, though, suddenly that compromise was way too much, and I had to make a change.

For a while after my change to middle school, I felt I had compromised something away, but I seemed to have moved to a place now where that is no longer true. I am growing to love middle-schoolers again, and what I’m teaching, and I’m not compromising in any way.

So, I guess what Zac is saying in a metaphoric sense (for me) is that we want to make our transition out of this life without any unfinished business, and in a way we are making our own music, and have sung our own song.

Sounds good to me!


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