(254) Appreciation: Electricity

The lights of lower Broadway, Nashville
The lights of lower Broadway and beyond, Nashville

It is so easy to take for granted.

This morning around 5:30 a.m. our electricity shut off.  The coffee pot, which is on a timer, was almost done brewing. I watched as the fan above me slowly came to a standstill.

Time went on, and no electricity. I started to kick myself for not washing my hair yesterday.  Trying to wash it in the dark and without a blow dryer today seemed crazy.  I wondered if I’d be able to get out of my garage.

We lit electric candles and I had a flashlight handy. I could use my phone since wi-fi isn’t necessary.  It got a bit stuffy in our house, by never too hot.

It wasn’t long — maybe 45 minutes — before the electricity came back on. But that brief time was enough for me to think again how grateful I am for lights and air conditioning and computers and electric garage doors and all the other things that I take for granted every single day.

Happy Friday!


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