(253) Appreciation: Lost Things Found

imageIt was sitting on my sink in the bathroom when I came home last night.

I remember the day it went missing: November 21, 2014. I had come home late after an exhausting day at school, called my mom to wish her happy birthday, then collapsed into bed. I was coming down with a mean sinus infection at the time.

The following week when it came time to get ready for work, I could not find the necklace. We looked everywhere we could think of looking and looked again.

All along I felt it was still in the house. I never doubted it.

Then yesterday my husband was looking at some things he had stored under the bed. And there it was.

I bought this amethyst in June 1997 at my favorite little shop in the world: the Greenhouse in Glendale Springs, North Carolina. I had been reading about the meaning of different gem stones, and the amethyst stood for spiritual courage. I found this beauty at the shop that very day — it was a Sunday — and I couldn’t have been more delighted with it. It has an opening in the back so the light can shine through.

That was the summer I had my cancer scare. After my surgery, one of the first things I had Jim do was put this necklace back around my neck. I didn’t have cancer. We were grateful.

Later that year, I would discover my secret dream of wanting to be a teacher. I still think of the day I bought this necklace as having special significance in many things that have happened for me since.

I cannot wait to put this precious item back on and wear it today. The inner joy I feel at having it returned cannot fully be expressed.

My 42nd birthday, a week after my ovarian cyst removal. I’m with my writing friend JoAnn — we met in a personal essay writing class.

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