(250) The Trouble With Writing


Today I had a plan to write my blogs for the week. This the same plan I had last week, and then stress overwhelmed me and I was unable to follow through. But today–today–it was going to be possible. Not only did I plan on getting the writing done, I was finally going to get back to guitar.  Pretty ambitious, actually.

Then I remembered I have two online classes I have to finish by next Monday, and I felt my stress spike again.

Here is the trouble with writing–it is like hard homework as the meme above says. This idea that I can crank out pieces that deserve the proper attention–well, I’m just kidding myself.

So I return to the purpose of the blog which is to recognize how the Five Questions function in my daily life. And right now the one about daring to be human is staring me in the face. I have to be human enough to admit that as long as these classes with a strict deadline are hanging over my head, I will not rest into my writing.

I am on the letter T in my Encyclopedia of an ordinary life, and I have good plans for completing the alphabet. But I can tell that right now I am not in the frame of mind to do them justice.  I take enough pride in my writing to know that until the time is ripe, nothing good will come.

I give myself the gift of time. I will open up a space to clear the way to a worthwhile writing experience for me, as well as a worthwhile reading experience for my blog followers.

I won’t let myself or you down. Promise!  😊


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