(247) Stress Relief

Yesterday I wrote about my mounting stress, and how I needed a break from the “have-tos” so perhaps I could regain some sanity. Then I launched into a 12 hour day, which resulted in a volcano of a zit erupting on my cheek 30 minutes before I had to present to parents. It was a sure sign that stress was winning.

I had an idea for this blog today, but when I woke this morning I could not recall what it was. Then in my Facebook newsfeed someone posted this:


Then I remembered.

On Wednesday evening I went to restorative yoga. I got there nice and early so I could just sink into my mat on the floor and forget about everything. I heard my yoga instructor, Linda,  talking to some other ladies there about how suddenly adult coloring books seems to be a thing. Linda said a friend had given her a coloring book, the one shown above, and how she colors on airplanes to pass the time.

What was weird about the entire conversation was that I felt I had heard the entire conversation before. It was like I knew what everyone was going to say. As I lay there cocooned in a blanket and with an eye pillow blocking out all light, I felt like I was in some kind of a time warp. Had I heard conversation before?  I am still uncertain.

Stress does weird things. Besides reading and yoga, I have another weapon in the war on stress. The conversation reminded me that my mother gave me this for my birthday:


Guess it’s time to get coloring!


One thought on “(247) Stress Relief

  1. I get this. I don’t have an adult coloring book, but when Story leaves her half finished drawings around, and I add to them and color them in, it’s an hour of pure coloring FUN. Sometimes, adults just plain forget how to play and have fun.


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