(246) The Need to Read

imageThey are calling out to me.

The magazines. The book of short stories.

Yet, I’m bogged down. School, of course. And all the stories I’m sharing on my blog. The lack of reading and time to play my guitar is starting to catch up to me, and at the worst possible time.

I’m writing this on Wednesday evening because today is open house. I will be at school 12 hours. I will deal with kids, then talk brightly to parents as if I’m not dead on my feet.

I’ve decided something has got to give. And even though I had every intention of writing two more interesting stories this week, I need to just say no.

I have a need to read. And if I could not feel so tired, I could pick up my guitar and try to figure out where I left off in learning “Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow Tree” two weeks ago.

Even if I just flip through a magazine, I think I could feel connected again. Not so discombobulated.

I am writing this as fast as possible because I am heading back to restorative yoga class. If anyone needs restored right now, it is me.

Yes, the new school year is sucking me into the vortex. This always happens.

I know the prescription that will cure.

I need to read.


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