(241) 12:55 P.M.

12:55 P.M.  That is when my 8th grade advanced class starts arriving in my classroom. This class is already proving to be energy-inducing, rather than draining. When they arrive, I have already spent over three hours with a variety of lower academic 7th grade students who tend to bounce off the walls and do those stupid middle school things like making popping noises incessantly. They exhaust me.

Then the 8th graders show up, and all is well with the world again. They are proving to be a bright spot in my day. They are my people!

I take back all the nasty things I’ve said about 8th graders based on my experience two years ago. That was not a true experience, as I was trying to adjust to middle school after six year in high school, and the discipline system at the school purely rotted.

Things are way better now.

When the 8th graders show up, I do not have to explain alliteration or similes. They KNOW and can perform.

We laugh — a lot!

And when I saw the poem “Mystic” by D.H. Lawrence, I knew it would be a great starting point for mentor texts. I wrote one, which I shared on this blog yesterday, and I shared both with the students. They got in groups based on the results of the Multiple Intelligences survey they took, and wrote their own. Today, I share three of those poems.

It is going to be a great year!


by Amber O., Mun, Paige K., and Brendan

They call all experience of leadership mystic, when the

experience is considered.

So being a leader becomes mystic with pros and cons,

the hard hot summer, the cold-hearted people

of society.

All of which I can do as a leader.

Nonetheless, some days the act of leadership is preponderantly difficult, tiring, and

bitter, dark and dirty, too much to think about

like the streets in a flood.

We feel this way about leading, we are called mystic, which means


The only way to lead is to take charge, and

question everyone.

That is real.

But if we lead with too much thought, we’ll lose ourselves deep in thought

Working day and night we need a solution to life.


by Paige C., Amber, Medejine, and Hilary

They call all experience of learning

mystic, when the

experience is history.

So history becomes mystic with

dates and facts, the magical

Some students wanted to dive right into using their chrome books; others preferred good old pencil and paper.

movement of time, trapped between


All of which things I can do as a


Though some days of the past can be

boring, old, repeated, and plain, even

blurry, to see the days like a

cloud full of rain.

If I feel this way about history

I am called mystic, which means

a student.

The only way to learn is to go to

the past,

question everything.

That is real.

But if I look deeply, I could

study the past to change the


Opening my textbook and diving in.


by Mike, Mark, and Ashling

They call all experience of melodies mystic, where experience is considered.

So music becomes mystic when notes are out to words, the sweet sounds

of the song, the loveliness of each line.

All of which I can do as a musician.

Though some days the sound of my voice is preponderantly broken,

terrible, and shrill, sounding like a screaming banshee that has been


If I feel this way about music, I am called mystic, which is lip-syncher.

The only way to enjoy music is to let it touch your soul, and feel everything.

But if I listen from a place of no thought, my senses awake,

Playing music like a beginner, I call the music to my side.


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