(239) Ohio Girl (Photo Journal)

I was not born in Ohio, but lived there from the time I was a couple of weeks old until I was 44. (For the record, I was born in Kittaning, Pennsylvania.)

I have decades of pictures from Ohio, but thought I’d just do a little photo journal today to show off some friends, family, and places, in pictures taken over the last 8 years or so.

So here is a bit of a tribute to Ohio and Ohioans!

My good friend Becky and me at Huntington Beach, Bay Village 2008. This was one of our favorite hangouts when we were young.
Becky on her front porch, North Olmsted
My nephew Evan and sister-in-law Donna in my mom’s backyard, Fairview Park, 2008
My niece Cheryl at Ohio University. I had written a novel draft that had a setting in Athens, Ohio. My niece and I spent a day checking it out together so I could finalize some details in a novel I never finished. But we had a great time. She is proud OU grad 2006 and makes her living as a writer.
On the green at Ohio University. Many memories there from the 1970’s when my boyfriend went to school there.
With my nieces Cheryl, Kim, and Emily. They are graduates of Ohio schools: Cheryl has degrees from OU and Kent; Kim has nursing degree from Kent State University; Emily has two degrees from The Ohio State University, where she has worked and her husband still works.
My brother-in-law Paul on the awesome deck he built on their home in Munroe Falls, 2008
Beautiful downtown Cleveland, Fourth of July 2010
The Shoreway at night
Emily with daughter Kaylee, me, and my mom September 2011
Becky’s son’s wedding, downtown Cleveland: Shannon, Jesse, Lindsay, Christopher, Becky, Bob 9-10-11
With the great-granddaughters Alexis and Addyson, Berea 2012
My best friends from high school: Mary Kay and Laura  June 2012
Most beautiful labyrinth I know. Bainbridge, Ohio

One thought on “(239) Ohio Girl (Photo Journal)

  1. I love your current direction on this blog. for the record, Richie and I got married on 9-10-11 also, mostly so he would easily remember the anniversary, he only has to remember the month; the date and the year would naturally follow.


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