(233) Ice Cream Memories

Dairy Queen chocolate with the curly cue on top.

Sometimes dipped in chocolate.dairy-queen-secret-menu-peanut-buster-parfait

Dilly Bars and Peanut Buster Parfaits.

Baskin-Robbins and the 31 flavors. My favorite back in the day was Fudge Brownie — not always available, so many trips there during the window of time it was there.

Speaking of…the colder it got in the winter, the more likely my friends and I would go to Baskin-Robbins.  The only ones there in below zero January weather.

We always ate our cones in the car so we could smoke along with them.

Ice cream was the favored dessert after Sunday dinner, which always took place after church.  Lawson’s chocolate chip.

My favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. Especially Edye’s.

When I lived in Ohio, we liked to go to Malley’s for sundaes.  Sit in the rotating carousel. Pretzels and water served with the ice cream. Hot Fudge Sundaes. Yum. Their chocolate is like no other.

There was a place in Richfield, Ohio called Country Maid that had homemade ice cream. It was about an hour from where we lived. Sometimes my friends and I would drive there just for something to do. They had Penuche Fudge, which is just a fancy name for caramel.


One time my friends Cathy and Kim drove out there early on a Saturday and brought me back a cup of Penuche Fudge. I was working the window at Great Northern Theater, and they walked up and handed me ice cream they drove two hours just to surprise me while I was at work.

Then I moved to Florida and discovered the amazing Love Boat ice cream. Rocky Road. Coconut Almond Fudge. Gigantic scoops. Definitely not just a dessert!  Have it in the afternoon, and I promise you won’t be hungry for dinner.


Ice cream is part of life. It is ordinary and extraordinary all at once.


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