(232) Hush and Hendrix

In 7th grade I took a school bus to St. Richard’s school. There were only a few girls I knew on the bus. One was a girl named Mary Jo.  She was a few years younger than I was, and there are some very specific things I remember about her. I know she had a cat named Kitten Mitten who was easily identifiable by the freckle on her nose. She always had cool things in her lunch like Ho-Ho’s and Fritos — things we never or maybe rarely had in our lunches. She had three older brothers, had brown hair and brown eyes, and was spunky.

One day she was singing a song: “Hun, hun, hun….”  I didn’t know what the heck she was singing. She seemed to think I should know the song. I had no idea what she was referring to.

Sometime after that (early 1968) I went to her house on a Saturday afternoon. I remember some very specific things about her house and her family life. Her mother had a full-time job outside the home (unheard of!), and had her own car. Her father had a company car — something else new to me. Their entire house had been decorated by an interior designer (a what?), and was in fabulous 1960’s blue, green, and gold — except for Mary Jo’s room, which was blue and pink.  The entire place seemed like a palace to me, so colorful and elegant, compared to my house where my parents couldn’t even agree on carpet color for our house (mom hated blue, dad hated green), and we currently had no furniture in the living room at all.

When I was at Mary Jo’s, she went into her brother’s bedroom and brought out some of their record albums. The one I recall:


I had never heard of Jimi Hendrix, as I just listened to Top Forty radio. But I was aware that there was a music underground, and here was living proof. I don’t think we listened to the music at all — frankly, at the time I wasn’t that interested.  This was, however, my first exposure to Jimi Hendrix. I still am not that familiar with this particular album. The one I know best is Cry of Love.

And “Hun, hun, hun…” was actually “Hush” by Deep Purple.  Hush and Hendrix.  All from that little girl who lived a few doors down, in a suburb of Cleveland, in my late 1960’s ordinary life.

Believe it or not, there is an Official Music Video for “Hush.” You can tell they have no idea what to do in a music video, but the music is still good.


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