(231) Gift

Artist: Pam Malafronte

This collage hangs in my writing and music studio. It is a gift made just for me from my friend Pam. She gave it to me when I received my Masters degree in 2006.

I met Pam when we were both going in to take the English 6-12 Teacher Certification Exam. We discovered we both were going to be entering the Teacher Immersion Program, and needed to have the exam under our belts.

We became fast friends, and are still friends to this day. I have a few friends older than I am, and many who are younger. Pam is just about my age exactly. This gives us a shorthand. We were doing the same things at the same time. There is so much that does not need explaining.

Pam pulled this together from gift cards, gift wrap, some glitter, and her own unique hand. The words she wrote were ones that related to me. I am grateful for this unique and thoughtful gift, hanging here where I create my ordinary life.

Yet, I can’t help but reflect on how extraordinary some friendships are. For that I have another G = Gratitude.

Detail right
Detail left

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