(229) Elephants

I love elephants.

I was a collector of elephants for quite a long time. People knew I liked elephants, and often would give me elephant related gifts.  Like this ceramic elephant that always sits in my kitchen, overseeing things like the elephant goddess she is:


And this elephant pencil holder


When I moved to Florida, I decided to pack up most of the elephant figurines and gave them to a granddaughter who also liked elephants. I kept a few select pieces, along with a lovely little elephant bracelet I wore as a child.  To me, elephants are loving and embracing and all-forgiving.

I now have other totems that mean a lot to me: wolves, dragonflies, and sunflowers. But elephants will always hold a special place in my ordinary life.

The seashells are the first ones I collected when I moved to Florida.

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