(225) Angels


Today I begin a sequence of 24 entries called The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. This idea is courtesy of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who published a memoir by the same title. The idea is to examine ordinary things about life.

Today: Angels

Yes, I believe in angels. Growing up Catholic, it was one of the first things I learned–that there is a mysterious and invisible someone with me all of the time. These beliefs are not easy to erase, but honestly, I don’t feel the need. I like having an angel nearby.

In the 1990’s, Angels got very popular for a while. There were a lot of books coming out about them, many which I read, including my favorite–a gift from my parents in 1994:


I have felt the presence of angels many times in my life, and for that I am grateful.

My friend Iris and I used to attend a conference in Washington DC every November. Every year when we drove there, we got lost.  One time we got super lost, and it took us a couple of hours and a stop into a fine dining establishment for directions. After we finally found our way to the hotel, Iris said something I’ve never forgotten–“We should have asked the Angels for help.” From that time on, she and I never forgot to ask the Angels, and we never got lost going to or from DC.

It was a lesson I used another time when I was desperate for sleep and out on the highway alone with a teenager. It was a case of being too tired to drive, having taken on too big a task, and then accidentally exiting in the wrong place–a back country Ohio road rather than a rest area– and I was beside myself. Jeff was asleep, and I was alone and frustrated with exhaustion. This road had no re-entry onto the highway, so I drove miles through farm roads hoping to get back on heading north. What I found instead was “Road closed” and I burst into tears.  I ended up having to go back onto the highway, driving south to another exit where I could turn around. We stopped into a Wendy’s and in the bathroom, I recalled Iris’s words: “Ask the Angels for help.” I felt an immediate calm, got myself a drink, told Jeff of our new plan, and after that he held a vision of the Angels lighting our way on the dark night.  We became partners with the Angels, and we got home without any further incident.

Yes, I believe in angels. And I think too often they are just waiting around for us to remember they are there to assist us with not just the big stuff, but the little stuff, too.


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