(224) Best Laid Plans

Today I was going to begin a series that will run for a few weeks called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. It is an idea from Amy Krouse Rosenthal that I learned about from educator Kelly Gallagher. I had 8th graders do this as a project –it’s hearty, but simple. Just go through the alphabet and write about something from your life–however trivial–that begins with each letter. Today I had been considering “A.”

But, as it turns out, I have now been scheduled to get a procedure done on my eye–a cloudy lens–and so my afternoon is shot. While I wait at the surgery center I will plan this upcoming sequence, which should carry me easily through the beginning of the school year that is always frantic, time-consuming, and stressful

The best thing is to always be flexible, right?  Makes life so much better.


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