(220) Five Directions to the End of Summer


  1. Go back to ignoring the projects that never got done.
  2. Climb on to a rock at the park and meditate.
  3. Beneath the afghan, snuggled in the leather recliner, finish a novel.
  4. Laugh with friends over a shared meal.
  5. You are almost there when you hear the crystal bowls sound.
  6. I said five, but my inner artist begs for more.

2 thoughts on “(220) Five Directions to the End of Summer

  1. I,for one, don’t want you go to back to school, your posts this summer have been so much more carefree without that bother of your “JOB”. Also, I saved this moody sky picture for when I get around and find the time to paint moody skies once more.


  2. Thanks. I, too, will miss the freedom of the time I’ve had. It was an extra long summer (11weeks). Next year I will probably only have half that as they intend on screwing with our schedule again. I look forward to your painting of this picture. I think it was taken in Georgia–Okeefenokee swamp


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