(219) Surviving My 60th Birthday

I made it.  I survived!

My low-key celebration was a lot more fun than even I anticipated. I had purposely left the invitation wide open so that anyone I knew could join me for a beer at the Fort Myers Brewing Company. Friends could also invite friends, which made it even more fun, as I met a couple of new people, and I got to see a friend that isn’t on my Facebook page. The evening was very hot with a high dew point, causing all of us to be soaked in a layer of sweat. The original plan to have this last just a couple of hours didn’t hold…we were there well after dark. A great time was had by all. Thanks for all who came out. Thanks for the gifts — earrings and balloons and scratch off lotto cards and candy and a growler full of Tamiami Tan. Gifts were not necessary, but the ones that were given were meaningful and just what I love. Here is a photo gallery from last night. As you will see, this was a party for all ages!

Susan and Rafael got there early to get everything set up. They brought a lot of extra chairs, which came in handy. Here they are enjoying the Mango IPA.
Natalie gave me some very cool earrings. I had to put them right on.
Kira and Jody
Natalie and Layne
Layne wasn’t as happy to see surprise guest Joe as I was.
Raf playing peek-a-boo with Layne
Pam and Annmarie “Take the picture from up high.”
Lexie and Colin. (Tim, her husband, was also there)
Paul and Laurie
Good times with great friends
Love love love
My love, who insisted on buying the beer. Thanks, honey.

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