(218) Family Present Perfect

Double fudge and salted caramel cupcakes

The celebrating has begun. And the first step was one of the best nights ever on Overlook Drive.

We arrived shortly after 5:30, greeted by birthday party flags on the walkways, a doorbell that plays “Happy Birthday,” and balloons sitting inside the door.  My brother-in-law, Paul, cooked up a tasty spaghetti and meatballs dinner, with crisp salad and fresh bread with oil and spices. The white wine was an elegant touch.

Then the gifts. Here is where my sister and her family really outdid themselves. I have never seen a more perfect collection of gifts. Michael was the one who had the order of the gifts figured out, and he handed me each one with aplomb. First, the card:

Can you even call a birthday without beer a birthday? Yes, you can. But that doesn’t make it right.

The gifts were all wrapped in a cool sixties style paper (really should have kept a sample…)

Here is what Michael gave me, after much deliberation in the dollar store:

Super-sized erasers

Then a super cool gift from my nephew Ricky. He must have been inspired by the Music City Hatch Print we got him in Nashville:

All the things music does….

And there is more.

I understand this is the best book on songwriting available — by supreme songwriter Jimmy Webb:


And to continue to feed my lyric-loving soul:

Beatles Lyrics

After gifts, lots of photos. Then yummy cupcakes on dolphin plates. Birthday with family complete! Perfect.

What a great family!

IMG_0788 IMG_0790


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