(207) When the rain comes…

One of of the Five Questions is this: Who or what do I need to learn to love next?

The answer–long days of rain, day after day.

Been a while since we’ve seen the sun here in Florida. One of the things I learned quickly after I moved here is that it is way more depressing to have several days of gray here than it ever was in Cleveland. I don’t know why. This tropical blah is making me lazy and leaving me without a creative force around me. Seems to be getting washed away. No motivation whatsoever.

Rain Haiku

Torrential at times

The lake has risen up high

Kills inspiration.

I pulled up a video of one of my favorite rain songs and learned a couple of things by watching it. First, by the end of the song “Rain” by the Beatles, it is obvious they are talking metaphorically about rain and sun. And this was the first song they included backwards music. This actually has made me feel a teeny bit inspired.


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