(203) Coming to the Blank Page

Exhausted doesn’t define it. Travel has been wonderful, but I am longing for my home, my yogurt, my writing space, my mandolin. Feels like we’ve been gone a very long time.

I’ve had several ideas for what to write today, but not interested in pursuing. Brain is pretty mushy.

What I can see is that new things are being created within me. This goes back to the Five Questions, which is the point of this blog, after all.  This more in-depth look into all facets of music–including electronic, an unexpected bonus–has taught me much. I cannot name what this is–I just know it will be leaking out of me in various ways, and that will be the gift of this time I gave myself.

I am smart enough to know we will not plan another trip this intense. It is obvious we can’t take it. I am happy to say we only had to cancel one event we were planning, so we maintained the pace pretty good.

So here is to all the places we stood, all the places we loved, and all the history we shared.



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