(202) Our Day in Asheville

Playing around on the synthesizer before the tour.
We started out with famous 12 Bones barbecue at a picnic table by the French Broad river. Pictured are my husband Jim, cousin Doreen, and her husband David.
Inside the Moog showroom.
Our day in Asheville was great fun and the final day of our vacationing. After this we will just be in a flurry to get home, even though it will take a couple of days.

To stick with our music theme, we took a tour of the Moog Synthesizer plant where everything is made by hand.  We had the opportunity to play around on the instruments in the showroom.  The tour was extremely informative.  I had not realized that some of the songs we know so well are heavily synthesized–“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder and “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.  The former was done on a synthesizer that filled a room.  The latter was done on a Moog Mini.  The vision of the owner Bob Moog is carried on daily by a very committed group of people who take their mission seriously.

After playing around with the instruments, we enjoyed a beer tasting at Burial Brewery, one of the couple dozen craft breweries in Asheville.  This was a wonderfully relaxing day with family, music, and inspiration.  What a great ending to a fabulous vacation.

Each synthesizer assembled by hand.
A completed synthesizer panel.
All the intricate wiring done by hand. This is interior.
Doreen playing the Theremini–a type of instrument that is played without touching. It’s amazing


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