(200) 21 Things I Choose in My Sixties

imageMy 60th birthday is coming quickly. I have been watching my high school mates turning 60 one by one. I look at their photos and only see the girls who once were walking the halls of St. Joseph Academy with me. I suppose that is a common experience.

Now I have close friends who are my age, but many are quite a bit younger. I have learned of their love of Alanis Morisette, a singer/songwriter I like just fine, but have not really followed. What I am learning from my younger friends is that Alanis is one fine writer. She has a song called “21 Things I Choose in a Lover” —my friend Laurie brought it to my attention–and it makes a terrific writing prompt. The “things” are not needs or deal breakers as much as qualities. I like the distinction.

Here is my version of 21 Things

21 Things I Choose in My Sixties

Will I only wear clothes and shoes that make me feel fabulous?

Will I have enough money to enjoy living?

Will I be able to maintain my energy to keep teaching?

Will I continue to innovate in my teaching?

Will I still want to travel?

Will my creative life stay in the forefront?

Will I pursue proficiency on guitar and mandolin?

Will I cherish improvisation?

Will I write my own songs?

Will I read all those novels on my shelf?

Will I publish some short stories?

Will I stay healthy?

Will my students continue to reach out to me?

Will I do more painting?

Will I meditate?

Will I do yoga regularly?

Will I only say what is necessary?

Will I remember that listening and patience are the ways of leadership?

Will I spend more time in nature?

Will I stay in the present moment?

Will I appreciate and give thanks for everything in my life?


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