(197) Music City Roots (photo journal)

A terrific live radio show that takes place every Wednesday at the Factory in Franklin
Jim Lauderdale is the host and starts the evening with a song of his own.
Mike + Ruthie Band was a crowd favorite. That Ruthie can really sing! They are from upstate New York.
The show was titled “All Over the Map”. Americana, Folk, classic rock & country, and roots rock.
Ronnie McDowell was the final performer. I wrote about him earlier when we were in Jackson. He had us all twisting and singing Johnny B Goode by the end. Here he is being interviewed in between acts.
Reno Bo does power pop and roots rock. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much stage presence.
Amelia White is a self-styled writer song-singer from East Nashville. She was in the vein of Lucinda Williams.
Mike + Ruthie are part of the musical legacy related to Levon Helm and the Band, as well as Pete Seeger. We purchased their album and would see them again any time. It was a wonderful night of music.

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