(191) Ray Charles by the River



In Albany, Georgia, the Flint River runs through the newly revitalized downtown, under bridges and along the row of art shops and historic Bridge House, now a welcome center. Wrought iron swings, a splash park, a playground, and wooden decks overlooking the river are some of the places for families to enjoy. If you walk through the park, cross Broad Street, and keep walking a little farther, you will see a piano off in the distance.


And then you will see the full sculpture of Albany native Ray Charles and hear the music and the fountain and the blue skies above. If you are there at night, the sky would be replaced with stars and an ever revolving light show on Ray and his beloved instrument.

This Tribute to Ray comes complete with musical note benches, as well as keyboard walkways.


Our visit here was inspiring, to say the least. The location of this park and what they have done with it speaks of a community who cares. Everywhere in Albany, change is in the air. It was my first visit here, and most likely my only visit, but it comes with a recommendation: if you ever have the opportunity to drive through Albany, take a detour to Riverfront Park. You will not be disappointed.




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